Femton R1
Femtosecond surgical laser
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Compact & Intuitive
  • Using a similar pupil based autocentration feature like our Micron M7 to precisely position and dock the applanation device on the patient’s cornea.
  • High repetition grid matrix pattern allowing highest resolution with excellent optical properties.
Excellence in Simplicity
Compact design allows it to perform with any excimer laser device
Laser beam delivery design simplifies laser movement parameters. Provides 3D ablation feasibility for both corneal and cataract use. Ergonomic and intuitive docking design.
Fast & Precision
Precise incision quality due to unique laser cut and 800 kHz repetition rate.
Operation process
1000mm(L) * 1200mm(W) * 1400mm(H)
Laser Type & Mode
Fiber Laser
Pulse Repetition Rate
500KHz ±5%
Laser Pulse Duration
<500 fs
Laser Wavelength
1064nm ±10nm
Spot Size
< 3 µm
Numerical Aperture of Laser Exit Optics
> 0.5
Time to Create a Flap
35 seconds approximately (not include suction)
Energy Per Pulse
< 400nJ (on cornea)
Powe Supply
230V ±10% / 50/60Hz, 7A
Flap Diameter
8.5-9-9.5mm ±5%